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 Maple Scope of Services

A-Planning and Pre-Development Phase

  1. Facilitate planning meetings.

  2. Coordinate the unit-by-unit inspection of all occupied and vacant housing units in cooperation with the property management company, developer, contractors and project consultants.

  3. Conduct site inspections of building exterior, grounds, driveways, walls, curbs, sidewalks, fencing, landscaping and parking lots.

  4. Review corporate records, audits, monthly financial reports, meeting minutes, deeds, title reports, appraisals, rent comparability studies and other relevant documents to assist in analyzing the history, current status and feasibility of the project.

  5. Review existing plans, architectural and engineering drawings, inspection reports, proposals, environmental assessments, history of capital improvements, surveys and other documents required to assess the existing conditions of the project.

  6. Review capital needs assessments performed by an independent firm engaged by the property manager on behalf of owner,

  7. Preparation of preliminary cost estimates for capital improvements. Preparation of preliminary project feasibility analysis and development budget for the project using LIHTC, Conventional and HUD insured financing.

  8. Assist client in identifying, vetting and selecting Tax Credit Investors and the professional development team, including, but not limited to property manager, legal counsel, appraiser, architect, engineers, contractors, lenders and real estate developer.

  9. Coordinate the activities of the professional development team.

  10. Participate in design sessions with the architect and engineers and solicit input from the client related to interior improvements, facade treatments, landscaping, and all other improvements.

  11. Assist in the preparation and presentation of conceptual design, plans and specifications for the renovations of the project.

  12. Assist in securing updated cost estimates for major repairs and capital improvements.

  13. Assist in securing an assessment/study to establish the current value of the property.

  14. Assist in securing and reviewing preliminary rent comparability study.

  15. Conduct a competitive selection process for development partner(s) if needed to meet the requirements of the chosen financing option.

Phase A

B-Financing and Development Phase

  1. Assist Client and its development partners in identifying and securing loans, mortgage, grants, investments, public or private financing to supplement the financing.

  2. Assist in negotiating the terms and conditions of sales agreements, letters of intent, partnership agreements, offers, loan commitments, mortgages, and other public and private financing to support pre-development, acquisition, construction and permanent mortgage, professional fees, soft cost financing expenses and other development costs.

  3. Review with Client's legal counsel all loan approvals, term sheets, commitment letters and other documents related to construction and permanent mortgage financing.

  4. Assist in satisfying terms and conditions for loan closings as documented in closing checklists and other requirements of funders, lenders, development partners, investors, and government agencies.

  5. Work in cooperation with the Client, its legal counsel, and Co-developer to facilitate closing of financing.

Phase B
Phase C

C-General Technical Assistance and Management Support

  1. Provide general project management, technical assistance and administrative support to the client.

  2. Attend periodic progress meetings with the client, property management, legal counsel, development professionals, partners, investors, lenders, community representatives, tenants, public officials, and others during the development process.

Phase D

D-Construction Management Phase

  1. Monitor the construction and/or renovation activities of the general contractor and sub-contractor and sub-contractors engaged by the owners/developers.

  2. Monitor the actives of the architect, engineers, testing agencies, and the contractors during the construction, renovation, and improvements.

  3. Monitor and review applications for payments by the general contractor, subcontractors, and others, and coordinate the drawdown of funds.

  4. Monitor and review change orders and changes in the scope of work of the project.

  5. Attend periodic construction site meetings and report on construction progress.

  6. Coordinate and closeout of the project and assist in securing all warrantees, guarantees, and other construction documents as required.

  7. Assist the architect in preparing the preliminary and final punch list of incomplete and/or unsatisfactory work.

  8. Assist in preparing final financial reports and documents required by lending institutions or other financing sources.

  9. Assist in planning the relocation of the tenants, programs, and business activities during and after completion of construction.

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